Dewy - Mature Hydrating Mist 4oz

Dewy - Mature Hydrating Mist 4oz

adjective: {dü-ē} moist with, affected by, or suggestive of dew


Is your face fresh, luminous, and as smooth as a baby’s bottom? Does your complexion radiate health and beauty? Let our hydrating toner sooth and balance the pH of your skin.


Perfect toner for mature skin. Aloe Vera Hydrosol is perfect for softening skin. Rosehip Hydrosol is high in Vitamin C and great for hydrating. Raspberry Leaf Hydrosol aids in cell regeneration. Rose Hydrosol is perfect for sensitive or mature skin. And, Papaya Leaf Hydrosol his light, pore cleansing properties. Give your face a spritz any time you want to refresh and balance pH. Let your skin be all that it can be!


Includes one bottle toner: 4 fl. oz. | 118 ml

  • Spritz between cleaning and moisturizing to help skin absorb serums and creams. Toning skin throughout the day helps balance pH and maintain a healthy glow. Perfect for most skin types.

  • Distilled Aloe Vera Hydrosol*, Rosehip Hydrosol*, Raspberry Leaf Hydrosol*, Rose Hydrosol*, Papaya Leaf Hydrosol*, Leucidal (preservative)

    *certified organic

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